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Who is working on your site?

Many agencies have sales reps that  sell you the services and never look at your site.  The point is that you have no relationship with the site manager nor them you.  Ask yourself, would I ever hire someone to work for me that I've never interviewed let alone met, simply by the word of a sales person?  Of course not!  


Managing your website is necessary to optimize your online presence by having a fully functioning and effective website along with monitored social media platforms at all times.  Monitoring and managing system and corporate updates, seasonal news, fixing glitches, caring for your mobile site and monitoring your social media are important and regular tasks for the overall health of your online presence, and like all of our services, does not requrie a contract.  Ask yourself, do I have the skill, time and knowledge to do this myself?  Do I believe this is important?

What  have  they  recently  done?

Along with knowing who the actual person is that works on your website, it is also important to know what is being done.  We've found that many businesses say they're content yet can't answer these questions.  Ask yourself, would I ever accept having an employee that I didn't know and also not understand what it is they're doing?  Of course not!  


Marketing is required when you would like your website to become more visible.  Utilizing search engine and keyword  optimization, social media posts, search console and maps are ways to move up and stay at the top of search results to increase sales.  Remember that 90% of business is found online.  Ask yourself, do I want to miss out by not promoting my site?  Of course not.  It's similar to a physical store, if you don't put a sign up and advertise, no one will know you're there...a website is no different.  If you don't market it, no one will find it.

How  much  am  I  paying?

Being contracted does not guarantee service, it only guarantees payment.  Never sign contracts with any website  agency.  This is YOUR business and should be on YOUR terms.  Ask yourself, how much is too much to pay for blind faith regarding my website?  Don't overpay and get underserviced.


Advertising online immediately puts you at the top of search results.  Placing ads for your business does not require a financial or term committment.  Internet advertising is fluid and only needs to be handled by a creative, agile and analytical mind.   Advertising online is always there as an option.  It's a means for you to quickly scale your business and to pivot your marketing at lightning speed.

Ask yourself, would I trust my Advertising dollars in the hands of just any company?  Of course not.   

Trust our background of over 40 years and 300 satisfied clients.


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